Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The right way to mould your career in dentistry

The realm of dentistry has grown to accommodate the working of muscles and nerves associated with the jaws and its joints. Named Neuromuscular Dentistry, this branch of dental medicine is all set to bring a huge relief to people suffering from TMD (Temporo Mandibular Disorder), occlusion issues and all the discomfort associated with it. 

In a time when various fields of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry and smile design has gained vast popularity Neuromuscular Dentistry takes it to the next level with easier treatment techniques to treat aesthetically and physically upsetting issues such as bite problems, teeth and jaw misalignment disorders.
Opting for undergoing an NMD course, not only helps you stand apart in the competitive field of dentistry, it offers your doctor heart, the much needed satisfaction of being able to heal the pain with a less complicated and simplified process.

With more patients preferring non invasive techniques to treat conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders, neuromuscular dentistry courses are gaining importance. They help in providing dental professionals with a definite edge in widening their scope of work as well as knowledge.

The goal of NMD course includes educating the dental professionals in treating various issues of jaws without having to use the scalpel. They offer detailed knowledge and hands on experience in the various treatment techniques of NMD. The courses include teachings on the holistic approach of NMD in treating various conditions of occlusions and sleep apnoea.

The courses include an introduction to the topic with a webinar spanning an hour and hands on training of about two days. The courses are conducted on two levels. Each of these levels consists of two modules, each dealing with the various aspects of the treatment methodology. Every module in the course curriculum is completed in two days.

The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care has taken up the initiative to train dental professionals to popularise the use of NMD treatment, under leadership of Dr. Rajesh Raveendran.  The course is available at Delhi, Bangalore and Cochin at a fee of Rs 51525, which is all inclusive of taxes, certificates and meals included.

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