Friday, 10 March 2017

Say Good Bye Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder wherein you might feel breathing pauses, here the process of breathing becomes shallow at times. It might suddenly return to normalcy, after a small break, with a choke or a loud snort. This might result in you being left behind with a poor and uneven sleep, resulting in tiredness all the day.
Waking up suddenly from sleep after losing breath or choking during sleep and loud snoring are all considered to be signs of sleep apnea. The tendency to sleep during daytime and fatigue are also signs of sleep apnea.

Overweight can be a reason for sleep apnea. Age and thickness of the neck are regarded as the causes for sleep apnea. People who are fat or obese are highly likely to have this disorder. People, older than 50 years of age, are also said to have a higher possibility of picking up sleep apnea. Experts believe that people with their neck circumference greater than 40cm might also become sleep apnea patients.
The treatment for this disorder is usually decided only after conclusions are made whether it has come with some complementary disorders like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure or even a stroke. Changes in the life style, use of mouth pieces or breathing devices or surgeries are the available treatments for sleep apnSaea.
IndraCraniofacial Pain Relief is very famous for treating sleep apnea and related disorders and has quite been at the same standard time and over. The clinic has made a space for itself in the field of treatments for sleep apnea. The prescription and use of oral devices can be done only with good knowledge and in crafting such devices, perfection is needed. This is what Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief provides its customers with.

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